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Theatre One Photos page one

Some Photos of the Productions.

Side By Sise By Sondheim
Cast finale

A Streetcar Named Desire
Cast and crew hanging out at the El Paseo trolley


Angelical voices, from the ladies of the Christmas Is... cast.
Including Gina Jimenez, Sharon Simmers, Margaret Xitgo,
Eva Dunlap, Sherri Lee Berry and Janice Rae Crawford.

Brad Hoover (centre) with Patty Williams and Gayle
Hahn(left) Kim Keeley and Sharon Simmers (Right)

Fiddler on the Roof cast on sequester

Part of the Fiddler  cast  includes: Janice Rae Crawford, Guy Monroe Leitzman, J. Kim Jimmerson, Jan O'Connel, Traci Allbright, Brooke Willson, Peggy Serrano, Sherry Lee Berry, Vicky Bayard, Alisa Little, Mark McAllister, Rick Ragland, Sharon Simmers, Gary Fiala, and Lou DeGrado.
I apologise if I failed to mention someone, or mistakenly identified you, my memory ain't that sharp these days...blame the parties.

Christmas Is..., The Crew

Christmas Is...crew includes: Chris Keyes, Kathi davis, Eva and Nancy Maruffo, Glenn King, Doug Smallwood, Alex Stewart, West Holden, Wendy Willson, Andrew Zahler, David Skillman, Ken Collins, and Robert Hollenbeck.


I ought to be in Pictures, was directed by Wendy Willson, and was performed by Alex Stewart (our Technical Director), Brooke Willson and Debra Guiot.
Alex was my mentor and Roommate for the years he was at Theatre One, he moved on to Stanford university, and passed away a few years ago. I dedicate this website to his memory, I miss you Alex.

Christmas Is...How romantic fightin' over a Log.
Jeanette King and Mike Hadley

that's broadway group picture
We will identify all cast members soon.

Oh Thriller, Ghouls and Ghost overtake....
eh...Charlie Chaplin?

Hey, wow, thanks builder bob for the appreciation.
Bob Smitherman and Peter Huender

The poster of Fiddler on the Roof, with Nehemiah
Persoff's endearing face, What a great man and actor.

MT II: That's Broadway
Brad Hoover, Cindy Barling, Nancie Free, France Giard play Cats

Fiddler friends... Traci Albright, Rebecca Willson
Gabro, Lou De Grado, Sharon Simmers, Mark McAllister, Vicky Bayard


MT1 productions grew from class projects into full
fledged shows with lots of entertainment value.

MT1's "HAIR" was one of my favorite experiences.
Everyone involved became so close, a true labor of love.

Blackie Nicholson and Cristy St. Pierre-Huender

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