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What's New at Theatre One

Latest News regarding Theatre One Reunion, and updates about some of the people who were part of the Cast or Crew.


December 2005,
Happy Holidays, and a great new year!
The Holiday season was always a special time in Theatre 1, on several ocassions we did Christmas song shows, such as Christmas Is...My second show in Theatre one, or Christmas Carol. But we also did many blockbuster shows in december.
It was always a special time, exchanging gifts, secret santas, retreat in the mountains, and Parties...lots of partying. Friendship was the greatest thing for all.
I have many great memories of the Holidays at Theatre one.
May all of you reflect a little on those days, while celebrating this season, and I wish you all the best for the new year.
Peter Huender

The techies of Christmas Is...
Photographer missing among crew is Peter h.

july 11 2005
Received an e-mail from Anne Apra Today. Anne was an actress inseveral COD productions and she continues to act on stage as well as film and television.
She was on her way for a vacation but promised to give us an update on her live since COD when she returns.
Thanks for contacting us Anne, glad your back.
See some current head shots of Anne in Photo page #3.

Nehemiah "NIcky" Persoff
busy painting at his coastal home

Nicky enjoying art with passion.


Nehemiah Persoff who appeared in numerous Theatre One productions including Man Of La Mancha, Death Of A Salesman, Oliver, and directed Of Mice and Man has another passion besides acting. He is a well established Painter his work reflecting the beauty and power of nature and on occasion will name the painting showing his theatrical roots.

So one can find an impressionistic image of trees, hills and mountains and find the title of “Hamlet”. It is obvious Nicky loves nature as it is the primary source of his paintings.

Nicky is selling giglees, (limited edition artist enhanced canvas prints) on his website, and from several pictures it looks like Nicky is in good spirits and looking well.Please take a look at his wonderful work, hey maybe purchase one of his paintings, or say hi. The website has contact information.

july 1 2005,
Cecil Riding, long time contributor with theatre one passed away last month. Cecil appeared in Terry Nicholsons first play at COD, and continued so in many plays to follow. Cecil will be truly missed by all.
Also Terry Nicholson returned from the Nepal where he has been working on his final master piece for Theatre one.
Terry will be doing HAMLET, as his final play for COD.
Keep tuned for more updates and info on this show.
Patrick Grenfell has departed California, and moved to the east, and a new job. He will be representing the rigging company HOFFEND, and travel the world, perfect job for Pat.

December 2004
Not much news from our Theatre one friends around the states, we had a visit from Pat Grenfell about a month ago, Pat was in Las Vegas for the Lighting Dimensions convention, and we had a nice dinner to catch up. He also visited Brad Hoover, who has a part time job as a crew member of the Starfleet at The Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Experience.Pat also would visit Terry in Palm Desert. I also noticed that Palm Desert has it own glossy town magazine, one recent issue devoted a large section to the McCallum theatre and showed a photo of Michelle Gaines.
I like to take this time to wish all a wonderful Holiday season, I time I remember of my days at COD theatre one, with lots of great memories,...sharing gifts christmas plays and most of all a time to share with friends.
And also wishing the best for 2005, may our path cross at some point.
Peter Huender

July 2004
I apologize for not posting at a more regular basis, but the passing of Dougie hit me hard, and this site reminds me often of him. The reunion now pretty much a thing of the past, it is still important that we keep updated and in touch.
And I shall hereby try to keep at least a montly update although I am not hearing  lot from all of you.
I did receive e-mails from Jennifer Becker (thurston) that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Alexandra Elizabeth on June 23rd. This is Jennifer' second child.
No further information.

Deb and Drew Jacobsen (in dated Photo)
Are the proud parents of a Daughter named "Wren"

"Wren" Jacobsen
Born on March 30th, 2003

October 2003,
We like to thank all of you who send us e-mails, regarding the passing of Doug Smallwood, Many of you offered to come to the funeral, but the short notice, distance, and time regrettedly made it difficult. Doug two siters prepared a very nice homage and service for Doug, his old highschool and college buddies showed up, he had a reunion with them shortly before he fell ill, and theatre 1 was represented by Patrick Grenfell, who flew in form the San francisco area, Tracey Allbright and her husband Phil Kaylor and two sons, Patrice Henderson, both from the desert, and Peter Huender, from Las Vegas. It was a small reunion of sorts under the wrong circumstances. We gathered at Coco's for some lunch after the services and reminisced. Then everyone went back home. It was very good to see our friends, and as our thespian brothers and sisters are falling around us, it is eminent that we must in some sort of a way organize a reunion no matter what size, or where. Once we thought we were invicible, nothing could harm us a slong as we were together with our theatre family...but time has caught up with us, and we are loosing those we most depended on, please stay intouch, if you change your e-mails and addresses please notify us. We like to make e-mail and adresses available so all of you can communicate between one another, and keep the current string alive. If you have objections please let us know.
Take care and stay in touch.

April Update:
Well from the pictures above we notice that Debbie Warne Jacobsen en Andrew Jacobsen became the proud parents of a little girl named Wren, we wish the family the very best and lots od discoveries as this is something that Theatre One did not train them for. Hahahaha.
Doud Smallwood has moved out of the Palm Springs Rehabilitation center, and is in an assisted living home in Cathedral City. He can be reached on the Cell phone mentioned below. He started to get some more sensation in his back, it hurts he I guess that is good. He states with a sense of humor. He arms get spaztic nerve movement on occasion, showing that the muzzles still work in his left arm, he just can not control them.
No further word from Terry and his movie deal, I am sure we will get a full report as soon as he is done. Got a phone call form Brad Hoover earlier in the year stating he was moving back to Vegas, as his wife was getting relocated to open an office here. No further word on that. For the rest I have not heard from anybody.
I apologize for getting everyones hopes up that a reunion was to take place, but we will have to keep trying...lets not give up and stay in touch.

March update:
Well I only got a handful of thespian friends that got back to me, and though most were positively interested in coming to the desert on Memorial week, it was just a handful, of positives and negatives. I would like to put the reunion on a hold for the proposed Memorial weekend 2003. There are right now to many factors that play into the success of this gathering. First off the state of our union and the chances of war does not make the best time to travel, or celebrate for that matter. Second I would like to find more people, and really plan for a huge blow out with fifty or more  people at least. Third , many of the people I had hoped to see at the reunion had previous engagements, and are unable to make it. Fourth, our leader Terry will be involved in the shooting of his first movie."Stuck on You", directed by the Farelli Brothers(Something about Mary, Oh Brother,where art thou?)
Terry Nicholson:
Terry e-mailed me with this info about his movie role: "I've a small part in the Farrely Bros. new film, "Stuck On You".  It stars Matt Damon and Greg Kinear--with Warren Beatty and Cher.  Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood, etc. all have cameos.  My original role was quite big, but the addition of all the stars caused a major rewrite.
I'm due for a shoot in May, in Miami.  1st class plane & hotel, SAG card and credits come with it.  It should be quite an has been so far just getting the part."
So the decision has been made to look into a future date that will give us plenty of time to organize. meanwhile this site will continue to keep us updated and connected.
\Doug Smallwood:
I also like to bring the attention to a my pal and former roomie Doug Smallwood. Doug was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer last year, and has been receiving chemo therapy, but last month he started feeling tingling in his left fingers and toes, and started having sensations that his left side was not up to par. Last week he lost all use of his left side, and underwent surgery to relieve tension on his spine, which seemed to be the cause. However Doug will have to undergo rehabilitation treatment and hopefully will fully recover in time. I talked to him, and keeps an optimistic looks, however difficult it may be, he is in good spirits, but extemely bored. He is bed bound but has his mind set that he would really enjoy driving his new car again now that he retired from the phone company.
You can call Dougie, if you like  his cell is 760 485 0661. he is currently in the Palm Spring rehabilitation center ...
I would like to thank the people that replied to my inquiry about the reunion, and thanks to Emily Ramirez (Trafton) for offering to help out, looks like we may have to take a rain check for a later date. Emily is currently involved in a production with Michelle Gaines at COD. It was great to hear from Jennifer Milbacher, she gave some nice suggestions for using Lake cahuilla park for some of the reunion picnic options, and she also suggested that an earlier or later date would be somewhat cooler that the May date suggested this year. TRUE! Julie George Carlson and Jennifer Thurston Becker seemed pretty animate to visit the desert, reunion or not. I am also delighted to have communicated with Bob and Kay Smitherman, Jeanette King Hurwitz, Renee Rutan and Doug Garrison, and Lou DeGrado.
Deb and Drew Warne Jacobsen
The expecting couple is looking forward to the birth of their first child in April, according to the ultra sound it should be a girl, who they will give the gorgeous name of "Wren", jockingly Deb states that they may be in for a surprise, as the scan's are not 100% fool proof.
Thanks you all for staying in touch.

IMPORTANT! Reunion Information needed!
Please read below, and get back to me with an answer.

February 2003


February already,time flies. And with that said the time is coming closer to put the gears in motion for the planning of the reunion. So far the date seems to be Memorial weekend 2003, and we like to see at this point how many of you are interested in attending? We need some sort of an interest count before we start working towards this goal. I am overjoyed with the amount of friends I have been able to communicate with since we left the high desert. We have revisited many memories, shared photos and shared updates on our lives. With all the uncertainties of future events in the United States and abroad it is hard to make plans. One of the reasons this year was chosen was the retirement of our leader Terry Nicholson from COD, it is doubtful he will stop directing, but he does enjoy traveling, and has been known to be out of town for several months.


Once we have a count we like to find out if anyone likes to volunteer in doing some research and organization work. In the words of Jennifer Thurston Becker Men suck at organization she said when I had no definite answer for her in regard to the Reunion actually happening. Of course when I asked if she wanted to volunteer, I receive a rapid e-mail back: NO WAY DUDE!

We like to see if someone, preferably in the Desert can gather some information on rates at Hotels/motels, maybe see if they offer special packages. And once we know how many people will be joining us for the reunion we will have to get together with Terry as to where we can gather as a group, and party, party, party. Assume if you will that this is like a Stage Managers kind of a job, or Directors assistant. The reunion in a way is a theatre production.


I believe we have achieved a lot by being able to re-establish contact with so many of you, and by maintaining this website, I hope that no matter what happens we can maintain this contact and keep updated for future years to come, so we dont loose sight of each other again. It is essential that we keep each other informed of changes in addresses and e-mails and keep the cast list updated at all time. I have volunteered for that and will continue to do so. And my search for cast members will continue throughout the years. With the consent of all I hope to distribute to all current cast members a contact listif someone objects, let me know. The list will be made available in March.


So in closing.

I need all of those reading this to contact me and say, yes or no to being able to make the reunion, and I need volunteers for the planning depending on the outcome of the interest count.


Peter Huender (

December 2002
First off the Holiday season is upon upon us, and I like to wish all of you the merriest of days and the best wishes for a prosperous 2003. I hope that 2003 will offer the chance for the further development of this site, and of course a chance to see many of you again at the reunion. However it has been a while since I have found any more of our friends, and my searches have come up empty. Of course the shopping season has put a strain on my time as well.
I have received many photos, and will be placing some on the site soon. I also have enjoyed e-mailing and catching up with many of you. Thanks for the e-mails and conversations, this is fun.
The site is getting lots of visitors, and is this a great way to stay in touch, lets hope the free website will keep us serving. If any of you would like free websites, Tripod can provide this too you, and we can link your site from the Theatre one site, so our friends can catch up on the changes in your lives. The websites are easy templates, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. The free websites also give you a chance to upload photos, stories, and much much more. visit Http:// is you are interested. Once you are up and running send us your website address, and we can add it to the Links page.
Again wishing all the best for the Holiday season.

October 2002
The end of September did offer few finds in the lost and found department, I enjoyed talking to many of you by e-mail and catch up on what has changed in our lives. The beginning of October looks promising as I got e-mails from Glenn and Jeanette King, Sharon Simmers, and Brenda Holmes, thanks so much for the notes and updates, unfortunately with each e-mail our in memoriam list grows as well.
Please pass on the word if you know the where abouts of former cast members, we want this reunion to work, and I have placed the list on the fron page of those we have found, so far it is a slow start compared to the thousand plus who have been a part of Theatre One. I have posted several more photos, thanks Sharon Simmers they are wonderful.
That's all for now, check back often.

September 2002
I am glad to say that we are finding some of the cast and crews of the old shows. I spend at least several hours a day plugging away at the internet which is a handy tool. Still we have a long way to go. I am happy to say we found over fifty in the short while we have attempted to find you, but our list comprises of over a thousand, and we surely hope to find all. Your help by passing along this website to Theatre One's alumni is highly appreciated.
I will place a list of names on the website of those we have located, if your name appears on the list and you have not given me full information so we can keep you updated I would apprectae it if you contact me. We need home address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We would also like to know what each of you have been up too.
Contact either Patrick or me or
we also have set up a theatre one e-mail
Thanks to all who have contacted us, it is wonderful to hear from you.

August 2002

It was late July when Patrick Grenfell contacted us with a renewed attempt to arrange a reunion of Theatre One. When I joined Theatre one in 1980, I had never stood on a stage, I was a shy person, but as I joined some "Easy" prerequisite classes like "Intro to Theatre" I beieve it was called I was pulled in this incredible experience called Theatre. With my family thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean, Theatre One became my Family, and remained so for the following seven years as my days and nights became the bussiest, most productive years of my life. Years I keep looking back on as some of the best years of my life, so many friends, so many people who have touched my life, and so many who just disappeared at the end of a school year, or play.

For all of us at one time or another it became time to move on, we continued our education, got married, or moved out of the Desert. We grew apart, even if we tried to stay in touch, as our lives took different twists and turns. But now the time has come to find out what has happened to us all.

So when Patrick Grenfell, who has an uncanny ability of staying in touch with many, set a step towards a possible reunion. He set a date for Memorial weekend 2003, a time which will coincide with our leader Terry Nicholson's retirement from C.O.D.and set about dusting off his programs and entereing hundreds of names into a computer file, and began the long search for addresses, Phone Numbers and e-mails of formers Cast, Crew and Musicians of theatre One productions.

Upon completion of my conversation with Pat I went into the garage and uncovered some boxes with missing momentos, photos, programs, and newspaper clippings with show reviews, and promotional articles.

On top of Pat's 800+ names he had pulled out of the first 21 programs, I found  an additional 22 programs, some of which had over 100 people producing a single show. true that some of these will be doubles, but I can guarantee that Theatre One has touched the lives of over a thousand people over a period of ten years.

We appreciate at this time any help anyone can give, but most important is finding as many of our friends as we can, each of you may still know some, or may know the last where abouts. Finding every one will be the hardest part, and we don't want to leave anyone out for not having tried hard enough. Please contact anyone you know, have them contact us, and have them in turn try to contact those they may know.And so on, till the list grows.

This website will keep people updated of changes, searches, and information regarding the Reunion. We will post who we have found adresses for, but will not publish them. The internet has grown to such an extend that it can help us a lot in finding people but it is still like searching for a needle in a haystack.  So we hope that this website can help as a central spot for information that may help us reunite. Or for those unable to come at least follow the developments of the reunion, and what their friends have been up to.


Our Recreation Company * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234