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Hopefully these moments will refresh your memory.

Throughout the years at Theatre one we had many magic moments, here is a list of things that may trigger your memory.

  • Impromtue performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show during parties.
  • the Illustrious 60's parties, became wilder and more high tech as we borrowed lighting toys from the theatre.
  • Does anyone remember the quarters game
  • Toga, Toga, Toga.
  • the Missile shed. What was it?
  • Does anyone remember the black outs at Palm Springs High Auditorium, it required a body slam to turn of all the switches.
  • What is a sequester, jolly and intense rehearsal schedules in the mountains.
  • Is it a Theatre or a Lecture Hall?
  • Is Pat Grenfell really a monkey? He spend more time in the rafters than on the ground.
  • Terry putting his arm around your shoulders, did it spell serious trouble or a crying game, or a break trhough?

Lecture Hall One?
Of course the meeting place of Theatre One, although we used it for most of the time, we shared it with the Music department, recitals, band performances and of course who can forget the competition of Celebration. But 75% of the time it was our home, our meeting space for rehearsals, acting classes, hanging lights, setting up the scenery, and the performances. Lecture Hall One is now the Carol Meier Lecture Hall, or also called the Pollock Theatre. The Theatre Department currently uses the smaller space created in 1985 called the Tech Building.
The Missile Shed?
A temporary building acquired from the Air force base and planted on the very edge of COllege of the Desert Campus. The Theatre department used it as the Scenery Shop, we build our sets here, and created props for the show, before transporting them to the Lecture Hall One. Transporting the set was usually quite a sight to see, as massive flats and platforms were paraded between the two buildings. The scenic shop had a massive air blower, which provided some relieve from the Desert Heat. The music system was powered by an old amp and who could forget the 8-track. The Missile shed is gone now.

Who designed the Theatre One Logo?
The theatre one logo of Hamlet holding the famous skull was designed by Disney artist Doug Krohn. Krohn a friend of Terry Nicholson has climbed the animation ladder from the bottom bunch of animator to creating such memorable characters as Jasmine in "Aladdin",Jane in "Tarzan", Pocahantas in "Pocahantas", and many more characters he worked on in such movies as The Little mermaid, Oliver and Company, The Black cauldron etc. Doug created a wonderful drawing for the cast and crew of "Man of La Mancha" of a cartoonish "Don Quijote".

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