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Theatre One Reunion News

Currently the reunion is in its early palnning stages and we are trying to find as many of our friends. We appreciate any help in making the reunion a success, if you know any of the cast, crews or orchestra members of Theatre One productions, please contact them , pass them onto this website, or have them contact us.
We will try to update this website as more news becomes available, it is essential that we help eachother finding all the friends who have moved away from the Desert. Undoubtedly some have gotten married and changed their names, others have made it big in the entertainment field, while others have shied away from the spot light, and unfortunately some of them have passed on to the great theatre in the sky.
Your aid is essential to a great reunion.

Reunion information:

most likely in Palm Desert


Schedule of events.

unavailable at this time

Events will be scheduled around our old
stomping grounds at the Lecture Hall one.
The Home of Theatre One, further plans
are to far off at this point to schedule and
depends on the turn out.

under construction

Please check back soon

For more information call: (702) 645-2851