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Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year.

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Reunion plans for Memorial weekend 2003 Cancelled. Stay tuned and stay in touch,
keep us updated on whereabouts, moves and other theatre one friends.
Have them contact me(change .com to .net);


Welcome to the Theatre One website!

This will be a meeting point for the many people who have been part of College Of The Desert's great Theatre experience. It has been several years but I am sure the memories remain strong for the hundreds that make up our list of participants.

We like to announce that we are in the planning stages for a Theatre One reunion , and hope that through this website we can gather as much information about the whereabouts of the talented cast and crews of dozens of shows.

Lets help eachother make this a great event, and celebrate once more those special times that Theatre one offered us, and party hardy like the good ol'times.


Between early 1970's and 1990 Theatre one offered  stellar seasons of dedicated theatre productions, the tradition followed the following years. In those years the theatre department at College of the Desert led by Director Terry Nicholson and Wendy Willson produced big show stopper production to raise money for the Cultural Center with stars like the wonderful Nehemiah Persoff and Ruta Lee.

But Theatre one also produced some smaller scale productions that showcased the local talent. The company had a revolving door and many people came and went, but many spend several years working in every aspect of the threatrical process and several took their knowledge acquired beyond Theatre One.

Next year will possibly bring an end to the Theatre One tradition as longtime leader Terry Nicholson retires from the College of the Desert Faculty. We figured it would be a great time to see if we can reunite some of you who made the magic happen then, and reunite for a send off of our Theatre one.

The Director is in...
Terry Nicholson during Christmas Is...w/Gina Jimenez and Margaret Xitgo.

Doug Smallwood passes away, after fight with cancer.
October 7, 2003 Our dear friend, and brother and super techie Doug Smallwood passed away yesterday after a long fight with cancer that debilidated a strong and jovial man. Doug has been fighting a cancer that took a hold of his spinal cord and paralysed him wel over a year ago, and finally claimed his life. Doug will be buried on Monday October 12th in San Bernadino. Doug worked on two dozen productions at Theatre one between in the 80's and 90's, and was the ultimate Techie. He will be missed...alot.

Shirley Nicholson Passed away on July 2nd.
It with sadness in our hearts that we have to announce the passing of our Theatre mother Shirley Nicholson. Terry's mom passed away Wednesday evening July 2nd, 2003, after a short but grave illness. She will join Blackie and continue their time together.
Terry and family spend the last month at her side, Jennifer Thurston Becker also paid a visit the week before her passing.
Shirley was a great part of Theatre One, in multiple aspects, from Assisting Terry in the production to the concession stand. She will be missed by all who's lives she touched, she was the greatest lady of all.
Below the e-mail I got from Terry....
"To all of you who touched, and were touched by the life of my mother:

With sadness, I must tell you that Mom passed peacefully away this evening.
Over the past several weeks, each of you were mentioned by her with much love.
She had a great deal of time to set her life in order, and to review fondly her many experiences with you.
She asked that I pass on to each of you her love.  She also wanted you to know that she was glad to pass quickly, without suffering.
She had the best of care, and truly passed in peace.
With loving regards,

In Memoriam
In our research to find the talented players in the extensive group of people who dedicated their times and efforts to Theatre One we have come to the sad understanding that some are not with us anymore. The website is dedicated to their memory.
  • Alexander Stewart - technical Director,director, and actor
  • Mike Hester- Sound designer and technician
  • Robert Allen- Gourmet cook and food preparer
  • Gary Colandro- actor
  • Jon Olsen- Musical director
  • Annette Riding-costumes
  • Alex Dreier- actor
  • Bruce Lismond- actor, musician
  • Norman "Blackie" Nicholson- Actor, concessions
  • Ron Hamm-actor, make up artist
  • Michael Cruickshank- director and teacher
  • Melanie Hawk- Orchestra "Christmas Is..."
  • Ed Brucks- Theatre friend and party host.
  • Paul Jacobs, actor
  • Doug Smallwood, actor, techinician
  • Shirley Nicholson, Director/production assistant, concessions.
  • Wayne Davidson, Musician
  • Cecil Riding, actor

Undoubtedly in our further research we will see this list grow, we would appreciate if anyone has information about former cast and crew members that have joined the great Theatre in the sky so we may pay homage by dedicating this website to their memory.


Peter Huender(webmaster)

Just updated and copied the cast list of OLIVER, FIDDLER, LA MANCHA, JAZZ 3D, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN to the website. Go to Cast lists page linked below. Can you help us find any of these friends?



We are so glad we found you, now that you are on the list please stay in touch. Please make sure we have current information on you, including e-mail and regular address and phone number.


         Terry Nicholson

  • Pat Grenfell
  • Shirley Nicholson
  • Peter Huender
  • Cristy St.Pierre-Huender
  • Michael Cheley
  • Freda Davis-Fairchild
  • David DePilo
  • Wilma Winki Meli
  • Jennie Rivera
  • Wendy Willson
  • Anne Ketchum
  • Larry Maira
  • Ken DeGusta
  • Jean Couston
  • Janice Rae Crawford
  • Ron Councell
  • Jon McGihon
  • Wayne Worden
  • Henry Cesena
  • Michael Murrell
  • Renee Rutan
  • Jeannine Manthey
  • Kerry Manthey
  • Sharon Simmers
  • Doug Smallwood
  • Julie George-Carlson
  • Jennifer Milbacher
  • Sherl Davison
  • Adrienne Davison
  • Brad Hoover
  • Jennifer Thurston-Becker
  • Debbie Warne-Jacobsen
  • Andrew Jacobsen
  • Traci Allbright
  • Shirley Nicholson
  • Patrice Henderson
  • Michelle Maltais
  • Kathleen Downing
  • Troy Downing
  • Tracy Hadley
  • Emily Trafton
  • Lakshmi Voelker
  • Connie Grubaugh
  • Mike Hadley
  • Jenise Fryatt
  • Jeanette King-Hurwitz
  • Glenn King
  • Lisa Powers-King
  • Brenda Holmes
  • Renee Holmes
  • Russell Holmes
  • Ron Brown
  • Eileen Rogesin
  • Roy Rogesin
  • Don Weinger
  • Bob Smitherman
  • Kay Smitherman
  • West Holden
  • Lou DeGrado
  • John Kirhoffer
  • Bruce Fessier
  • Jane Cannedy-Fessier
  • Gary Gabro Berlant
  • Patti Carmel
  • Gail Sheehan 
  • Wayne Tibbetts
  • Katie McCauliff
  • Anne Apra


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